Welcome to Ludwig‘s Motel for Dogs - Dog boarding

Our dog boarding and day care services are ideal for when you are away on vacation, for long working days or simply days with a lot of appointments where you cannot take your dog.   We offer flexible Check-in and Check-out times which are great and made to fit your schedule. If you are interested in our dog boarding or day care services please do not hesitate and book a free get-to-know meeting now. We look forward to meeting your dog and you!

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Important Information.

Our dog boarding with overnight stay and day care is available for almost all small and medium dog breeds with a maximum body weight of up to 20 kilograms. We will only be able to accommodate your dog if the following criteria are met and information is given:

+ animal liability insurance
+ EU-Pet passport
+ free of parasites & worming
+ info on health condition
+ any applicable medication
+ good social behavior
+ potty trained
+ get-to-know meeting
+ max. body weight 20 kg.
+ minimum age 12 months

Dog boarding 

We offer a very individual dog boarding service with a maximum of two to three guests at a time. This way we can provide a unique dog boarding service in a family-like environment. 

Our general Check-In time is 3 pm. Check-Out is at 12 pm. It is possible to check in earlier or check out later at an additional cost. This applies to our dog boarding with overnight stay.

Day care

Our day care for dogs is made to fit your schedule therefore Check-In and Check-Out times are flexible at no extra cost. Our days are never the same! We play, we run, we cuddle, we feed and we listen.  

A single flat fee of 35 EUR applies per day. Our day care does not include an overnight stay. 


EMAIL or iMessage: hallo(at)hundemotel-hudwig.de
PHONE or WHATSAPP: +49 30 765 89 332